Every Reader Needs BookTracker

Over the years, I have collected almost 500 books and I store them on numerous shelves, in boxes under the bed, hidden in the wardrobe, stacked on table-tops, piled in any place that they could fit… It isn’t a clever system and I often forget what books are where and which books I even own. Did I borrow The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Did I steal Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone from my primary school? Did I dream that I bought every leatherbound Barnes and Noble book? (Yes, I did).

After trying various ways of cataloging my books, including a million page long word document, a notebook, those little index cards like librarians use, and most unsuccessfully, remembering them all in my brain, I finally came across the BookTracker app.


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.11.14

Screenshot of the BookTracker. (Those Game of Thrones books are different editions, I have a hoarding problem).


BookTracker allows you to list all of the books that have entered your world – ones you own, ones you’ve read, ones you want to read. You can add all the information you could possibly need about each book, like the date you bought it, the date you read it, your rating, the number of pages, when it was published and who by, the exact location of the book, which friend you lent it to and when… The list goes on.  Just input the ISBN, or type the information manually, and your book will be added to the library. From then, you can create different groups to assign your books to, add an image of the cover, and once you’ve completed your list, you can print off the booklist including all of the information.


Screenshots of BookTracker

This app is perfect for library and bookshop inventories and personal collections, and after saving one library you can create a new one like you would a Word document, which is great for multiple collections! I have been using BookTracker for at least two years and have found it easy to use and super convenient to store and retrieve details of a book.

How do you keep a log of your book collection?

2 thoughts on “Every Reader Needs BookTracker

    • lauren elia says:

      They’re similar in the shelf sense but booktracker doesn’t have the social side, it’s much more private. There is so much more information you can add about your books as well, like where they are and who has borrowed them, without making a new shelf specifically. They’re both great tools for cataloguing books 🙂

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