My Summer Reading List

Looking out of the window, you wouldn’t think we are currently in the season of sunshine. It is grey and rainy here in England, but I managed to capture a few moments of the sun breaking through to take photos of my summer reading picks!


Beautiful Stranger by Hope Donahue

I picked up this book because the theme of being obsessed with perfect is one that I am exploring in a current writing project of mine.




Those Above by Daniel Polansky

The first book in a fantasy series, I can’t wait to dive into a new world!


The Journals of Sylvia Plath

I adore reading journals, memoirs, autobiographies, and the like so I am looking forward to exploring the mind of Sylvia Plath.




This Is Why I Came by Mary Rakow

As a Christian, I was looking through books inspired by the bible and this close-up retelling really caught my eye!




Misery by Stephen King

After watching the film adaption years ago, I think it’s about time I finally read the book.


What do you plan on reading this summer?


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