Review | Across the Universe -Beth Revis

This trilogy is highly addictive, thought-provoking, and unique. It is a sci-fi dystopian series, with a little bit of romance thrown in (I am pleased that the love aspects didn’t dominate the book). Full of mysteries and discoveries, the story follows two teenagers with very different lives, and explores issues with society and morals.

The story is about a journey to a new planet called ‘Centauri-Earth’ and because it takes centuries to reach the planet, scientists and military personnel are frozen and are to be awoken when the ship, Godspeed, arrives at the new planet. I was also hugely impressed by Revis’s writing, particularly when Amy is frozen and when the characters are under the effect of a drug.

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Across the Universe

The two protagonists in Across the Universe are Amy, an Earth-born teenager who chose to go with her parents to the new Earth, and Elder, a descendant of those who live on the ship and the future leader. The chapters alternate between narrations from Amy and Elder, which I have disliked in the past but the dual narration was handled well here.  Amy and the rest of the people from Sol-Earth are cryogenically frozen and left to their thoughts for three centuries, however Amy is woken up 50 years early.

A Million Suns

The sequel, A Million Suns, furthers our questions about society and the difficulties in leading a ship full of manipulated people. This second book was a lot more about Elder, his responsibilities and hurtful discoveries about the ship he has spent his whole life on. Revis took a playful approach to the mysteries which lead the two on an adventure through wonderland.

Shades of Earth

The final book in the trilogy is called Shades of Earth and it is the beginning of something completely new and different and terrifying. It differs from the first two books in a refreshing and exciting way, furthering Godspeed’s journey to the new Earth and creating more problems for Amy and Elder. I laughed and I cried. My goodness, it’s such a great book.

I cannot express how much this story through the three books twists and turns, once you think you’ve figured it out, there’s a whole new piece of information that changes everything.

The only annoying thing about these books is that the covers are not consistent. For me, the covers were more important than the format so I bought all three books with the same style cover despite the last book, Shades of Earth, being in paperback.

As They Slip Away (novella)

As They Slip Away gives a new perspective to life inside of the ward. The novella follows Selene, the girl who died in the rabbit field, and how her past would never let her go. It’s nice to see a different point of view to that of Amy and Elder, especially before Amy was woken. It shows in particular that the patients did indeed question the medication. Also, Kayleigh is shown as a lively girl who is falling for Harley, and we get to witness snippets of their love story. In the Across the University trilogy we see the change from being under the influence of drugs and being set free from that control, however As They Slip Away shows that sometimes nothing is nicer than living with the pain, the drugs help Selene forget and heal… That is until Luthor returns.

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