Why Enter Writing Competitions?

1) You gain experience

Your work will be reviewed and discussed by others, which may seem daunting but it’ll give you an opportunity to get used to people reading your writing. Sometimes you can ask/pay for feedback too, so even if you don’t win, you still get something back.

2) It feels good to achieve something

Getting your name out there as a writer is an important step towards creating an author platform and building a readership, so winning competitions and being published in anthologies, on websites, featured in newspapers etc is great for publicity. And it feels damn good! Having your name on a published work or winning an award is great for your self-esteem and can inspire you further. You’ve worked hard, be proud of yourself.

3) It’s a challenge

There are hundreds of competitions out there, ranging from international to the local paper, and so many different genres, formats, word counts, ‘inspired by’ words, and much more to work with. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new!

4) You’re doing what you love!

Writing is a rewarding and often challenging pastime, especially if you’re passionate about it. Competitions are fun and exciting and give you even more of a reason to spend your days writing!


What are your reasons for entering competitions? Have you won one (or many)? 


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