Writing Life Update

This month has been full of opportunities and steps forward. No, I did not participate in NaNoWriMo, but I have had other writing adventures.


Firstly, I am on the editorial committee for a new university magazine launching next year! I got to read through all the submissions and sit in meetings to discuss the ones with potential and the ones that needed editing and the vibe we wanted for the magazine. I was really nervous before we started because I’m a sensitive soul and I struggle being harsh, but I actually loved being on the committee and found an inner sass I didn’t know I had.

A few of us on the committee sent in submissions so we had to stand back and listen to the others discuss our work. It was terrifying. It was awkward. And it was a little painful. When mine came up, I already felt like I hadn’t got a chance because we’d rejected so many, but they liked it! There were edits to be made and better word choices, but overall I enjoyed hearing their thoughts and criticisms.

Since then, we have finalised the list of successful pieces, worked with the authors through the editing process, and are finally ready to send the writings off to the proofreaders. Our job was an editorial committee is pretty much over for this issue as other members of the society are working on the next steps – proofreading, formatting, design… I just can’t wait to see the finished magazine and I am beyond proud that I will have my own story published in it.

Read To Me

My ‘novel’ that isn’t much of a novel. I started this project a few years ago and overtime the story has developed and changed and twisted. It’s been a long process. Around this time last year I lost my manuscript and practically had to start over. I got some chapters back but it has been a pain rewriting words that I loved so much before and just couldn’t recreate.

For the last month though I have been determined to finish the story. I printed off chapter after chapter after chapter, making notes and observing the structure and plot so that I can fix a few problems. Now standing at 30k words and 22 chapters, I am planning to finish this draft by mid-December and start draft 2 after Christmas.

Untitled Fantasy Novel/Series/Thing

In October, two new characters started creating mischeif in my head. I couldn’t stop thinking about them and developing their relationship but the story wasn’t forming until I found an old piece of writing from years back. Then it all started to build and I constructed complex plots and a fantasy world around these characters and that piece of prose.

Inevitably, I bought Scriviner and started to outline. Outlining took me only two days because I was so obssessed with the story and needed to write it all down. It is completely different than anything I’ve done before – usually I stick to contemporary fiction with mental health themes – as this is one has magic and armies and evil and corrupt authority figures and so much more.

I’m really proud of the story outline and I am hoping to start writing it in December once the first draft of Read To Me is complete. I’ve been iching to start writing it htough, it’s been hard to hold back but with assignments it just had to wait.


I am studying publishing at university and every week there is a new deadline. So far we’ve done editing schemas, history reports, law reports, research presentations etc and I still have exams and business plans left to do before we break up for the holidays.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard. I’ve struggled with the work load and the completely new topic area, but I’ve also learnt a lot and been inspired. Let’s just hope I pass my exams!

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