Exploring Poetry

Last year I took my friend to a poetry in the park event and we sat listening to poets read their words and pretending to understand what they were trying to say. Poetry had always been one of those forms that I didn’t understand, weird because I wrote song lyrics as a kid. I think it had been conveyed as ‘boring’ to me when I was young and therefore I didn’t bother with it.

Recently though I went to an event in Derby with my publishing society, a poetry open mic night called Twisted Tongues. I went in with the intention to endure the night for the sake of the society members, but I actually really enjoyed it. Afterward, as a member of the content committee for a new uni magazine, I was introduced to more poetry. It was an opportunity to critically think about the lines and the form.

So, around Christmas time I started reading poetry for pleasure.


First, I read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. I found it to be unique in style, a collection of cleverly-constructed lines and emotive depths. I enjoyed most and disliked some.


Second, I found a newly published Johnny Cash book, a collection of unknown poems called Forever Words. I bought it as a Christmas present for my grandad as he is a massive fan, but I couldn’t resist giving it a read before wrapping it. I particularly liked his I Wish You a Merry Christmas (or something like that) poem and his religious works.


The third book is one I was gifted by my brother. The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace is a collection in four parts – Princess, Damsel, Queen, You. I admire the emotion put into the poems and appreciate the structure though I felt it was sometimes a hit or miss for me.


The next book I look forward to reading is Echo and Narcissus by Simon Dutton!

I definitely intend to read more poetry in 2017.

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