Review | Sweaters and Cigarettes by Mika Fox

I’m not into love stories but damn did I fall in love with this couple. I was so in love that I didn’t want the book to end and frequently reread previous chapters so that I could prolong their story.

The story follows to teenage boys and their love story, written by indie author Mika Fox. I have rated Sweaters and Cigarettes as 5/5 stars!

Relatable and Loveable

Sweaters and Cigarettes features realistic characters, who each had their problems and insecurities that I could relate to. Each character had their own identity and brought depth to the story, particularly the minor characters of Riley and Cassie. It is impossible not to love Theo’s little brother, Riley, he’s just so sweet and observant, and Cassie brought a smile to my face with some of her remarks. The relationships that developed in this book, both romantic and platonic, were beautifully done.

Respect and Balance

One of my favourite things about this book is that when Theo is uncomfortable with a sexual act or isn’t ready, Max doesn’t push him. The respect and consideration between the two really made the couple, as well with Theo reading Max and knowing when to mention something or not. Fox really balances the smut and the fluff in this book, including extremely hot scenes and deliciously cute scenes.

Satisfying Finale

*Slight Spoiler*

Finally finishing S&C was sad, but I closed the book with a smile on my face. Fox captures the relationship of this teenage couple in a way that made me believe there is so much more of their story, that their relationship will progress, and things will change, maybe one day they’ll part ways, but the months they had that I joined them for were worth everything.


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