Hello! My name is Lauren and I am from good ol’ England. In the beautiful summer of ’16, I graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a first-class Bachelor of Music degree. Since then, I have become a student at the Derby University on their brand new MA Publishing.

I love the arts and I spend a lot of my time immersed in the creative world. I am a pianist and aspiring writer, and I enjoy volunteering at music and literature festivals. For my final year project, I wrote a film musicology essay, and music research is a venture I would like to continue. Fiction is also a love of mine and I am currently writing a novel with the working title Read to Me.



A couple of years ago, I joined the book community on tumblr to meet other readers and to talk about books, and since then I have loved blogging so much that I decided to create this website.

The weekly blog posts will vary from book reviews, discussions on writing, reading, and all things books, and whatever else I can come up with.

I am more than happy to collaborate with other writers/authors, bloggers, and publishers.



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