Writing & Editing

The Habit of Writing Every Day
Some writers can hit thousands of words a day, while others (like myself) struggle with the consistency of writing every day. Monica Leonelle’s The 8-Minute Writing Habit was the spark of inspiration and motivation I needed desperately…

The Basics of English Grammar | Part 1 (Nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs)
I sat in a class on grammar thinking ‘what the hell is a subordinating conjunction?!’ ‘the verb is the doing-word, right?!’ ‘where my ability to speak went?’ It was embarrassing and confusing and I refuse to know so little, sooo I have done some research and attempted to make sense of all this snazzy terminology.  (Apparently, we were taught this in year 6 so please don’t judge me, I obviously slept for that whole year)…

Outlining Your Novel
There are a lot of different methods to creating the perfect plot, taking into account expositions, conflicts, resolutions, climaxes, and the like. The typical novel structure is divided into three acts.

Cutting Chapters
When I made the original structure outline for my novel, I included a lot of chapters that are no longer there and hadn’t even thought of the chapters that are now the most pivotal.

The Truth About Editing
Last week, I had my first editing class at the university. We were given an anonymous text and told to edit it. I went in heavy-handed, red spewed across the page like spilt blood. I thought that the more I changed the better I had edited. Mistake…

Hemingway Editor
As an aspiring yet horribly lazy writer, the editing process is a daunting procedure. One that, weirdly, I kind of enjoy when done in short, largely sparse fragments. I am certainly not blinded by naivety that my writing is perfect as a first draft…